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As the original Japanese Engine Exchange, we have been serving customers in Utah for over 30 years, and have prided ourselves on providing quality service at unbeatable prices. And while we are the home of the original 35,000-mile engine from Japan, thousands of customers have trusted us to take care of a plethora of other car issues. With the variety of services we provide you can trust that there is no car issue too difficult for us!



With a new or newly remanufactured gasoline engine or transmission, the value and lifetime of your vehicle can be greatly extended. 



Auto accidents suck. Finding a shop that can work with insurers, save you your deductible and provide certified and quality repairs shouldn't.


Timing Components

Timing is the heartbeat of your vehicle, making it a crucially important aspect to maintain. As such, you can trust that we will help you if and when it fails.


Oil Changes/Fluid Flushes

Ensuring the fluids in your vehicle are clean and full can prevent you from breaking down—transmission oil, brake fluid, power steering etc. 


Brake System

Having a fully-functional brake system is one of the most important factors that keeps you and your family safe on the road.



Most vehicles have dozens of computers and hundreds of switches and sensors. When any of them malfunction, we can help.



Without properly functioning tires and suspension components, your car can sway, pull and ultimately lose safety and efficiency.


Roadside Assistance

When trouble inevitably strikes, it can be comforting knowing someone has your back—that's where we come in. 

ARE YOU IN NEED OF ANY OF our services? Contact us now!
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