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A car's electrical system is expansive and complex; comprised of dozens of sensors, fuses and computers. All of these components perform crucial safety and operational functions that keep you and your family on the road.

When electrical problems occur, many of your car's functions may cease to work, and without the proper equipment to diagnose noises, lights or other symptoms of malfunction your car may not even start.

Evaluating and repairing these systems can be difficult. At J.E.X., have decades of experience working on various electrical components on gasoline, Hybrid and full-electric vehicles. This means there are very few issues we cant solve.

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The battery is your car's backbone that powers everything from the engine to the stereo. This makes finding the right battery (and testing it when necessary) essential to your car's well-being. 

Different cars take different types of batteries, so knowing which battery you need is important. Whether it be calcium, spiral coil, deep cycle or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), we can find you the right one at a great price.

Most battery types require replacement every three years, and manufacturers suggest getting your battery, connectors and terminals inspected at every oil change. If your car frequently requires jumpstarts, or if you notice acid leaking anywhere on the battery or terminals, you may be in need of service immediately. 

Genuine Parts

Straight from Japan, all of our engines are low-mile and components genuine, to get you back on the road!

Quality service

With over 50 years of experience, you can trust our certified technicians to get the job done right!

unbeatable prices

9 out of 10 times we can beat any competitor's price. Saving customers money is our mission!

 great warranties

With all of our services, we offer a variety of warranties to fit anyone's needs and budget. 


The alternator is your vehicle's electrical charger; working alongside the battery and voltage regulator to power your car's lights, power doors, windows etc. Utilizing alternating current (AC), the alternator is a key component of your car's electrical system.

Alternators generally have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Things that can cause your alternator to fail include potential issues with the computer, damaged pulleys or bearings, or fuse or wiring problems.

We recommend having your car’s alternator checked annually. If you're experiencing dim headlights, a frequently dead battery, frequent lightbulb replacement or dashboard warning lights you may be in need of our fast and affordable alternator service.


Your starter motor (also known as the starter), is an electric motor that engages when you turn your key to the "run" position. When engaged, the starter turns the engine and sends electricity to the spark plugs—igniting gasoline fuel and making your car drive. 

Starters can vary in size, design and type. Regardless of the type your car uses, they all function in the same basic way. Starter failure is usually due to age, and while there is no way to tell when a starter will go bad we strongly recommend getting your starter checked alongside your battery, and other electrical components. 

Symptoms of a bad starter include clicking sounds when attempting to turn the car on, lights appearing but no action or a burning smell or smoke from the engine. If you are experiencing these or other power issues, we encourage you to call us right away!

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spark plugs

ignition coils & distributors

Changing your spark plugs, cables, coils and distributor is considered regular maintenance. If either of these parts fail it can cause improper idling, engine misfires and a lack of acceleration.

Spark plugs ignite a car's fuel to produce engine power. Spark plug cables channel electricity from your distributor cap, (which covers the distributor rotor) and channels voltage to the plugs for ignition.

While these parts are instrumental, they do wear out with age. As considered parts of a basic tune-up, we can handle issues with spark plugs, cables and distributor with ease. If you are experiencing power issues with your car, give us a call today for a free diagnosis!

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